Condi Rice Breaks Her Silence,Makes HUGE Statement About President Trump

Condi Rice Made A Massive Statement About President Trump

Condoleeza Rice has finally spoken concerning President Trump. She supported his choices about cabinet picks, and now she was happy especially about Jeff Sessions as AG.

Until now she hasn’t spoken about President Donald Trump himself, but now she told a few things about her opinion on him in San Francisco:

“The United States is in uncharted territory with President Trump, a man with no experience in public service who has “never even sniffed government.”

“Government under the Trump administration will look and feel different,” Rice continued.

“I think we have to give this Trump presidency some time. It will take the president himself time to realize the limitations of his power, she said, because he’s accustomed to a different domain.”

She said, “I am a great believer in what the Founding Fathers believed in,” explaining our nations checks and balances before getting laughs with the line,

“Americans, are a notoriously ungovernable people.”

Trump is now discovering that American system of checks and balances which is proven to be one of the best systems is delivering the change slowly and that is something unfamiliar for Trump, who is used to work at a different pace.

Condi stated about Russia:

“Think of the last time you bought a product made in Russia. It doesn’t happen.” Before saying “Americans must not confuse Putin — a man I know quite well — with the Russian people.”

“You have to find a way to isolate Putin and Putinism without isolating the Russians,” Rice said.

She said that diplomacy was something Trump needs improve on,

“The tempestuousness or tendency to want to comment on everything, he’s got to dial that back. When you’re president of the United States, you’ve got to think before you speak.”

But then she continued by saying that she understands “his enthusiasm for direct communication via Twitter with the people who elected him – He believes the American people wanted him to go in and turn over tables.”

“Let’s be honest about this. The good thing about democracy is when disaffected people find channels to press for change,” she stated.

“And there was a huge disaffected population who felt that globalization had not served them well, that they’d been left behind. We have to look deep into our national psyche and not just ignore the factors that produced this outcome.”

“If we can do that, we will have used this lesson well.”

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