Texas and 15 Other States Rally Behind Trump’s Travel Ban

President Trump’s administration filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday night seeking to reverse rulings by lower courts in Hawaii and Maryland that blocked a temporary ban on travel to the United States from six majority-Muslim countries.

The Trump administration says the Constitution gives the president “broad authority to prevent aliens abroad from entering this country when he deems it in the nation’s interest.”

And it seems that some of the states in our glorious country agree with our current administration.

From The Washington Times

Texas and officials with 15 other states filed briefs with the Supreme Court on Monday asking the justices to reinstate President Trump’s travel ban policy, saying they’re convinced it’s both legal and justified.

The states said Mr. Trump has broad powers under the law to decide whom to admit, and said U.S. law is replete with examples of the government singling out groups for different treatment in immigration contexts.

The states also said courts should be wary of extending the full array of constitutional rights, including entry to the U.S., to foreigners living outside the country.

And pushing back against lower courts that have identified Mr. Trump’s policy as a “Muslim ban,” the states said that’s a striking misreading of the president’s orders.

“The Executive Order classifies aliens by nationality — not religion. The Order’s temporary pause in entry by nationals from six countries and in the refugee program neither mentions any religion nor depends on whether affected aliens are Muslim,” the states said. “The Executive Order therefore is emphatically not a ‘Muslim ban.’”

In addition to Texas, the states that signed the brief are: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee and West Virginia. Mississippi Gov.

It is clearly stated in the US Constitution that the president has the sole right to make the decision of national security. All those faux judges should be fired. They took an oath to protect the constitution and not rewrite laws. Either we are a nation following the rule of law or we are nothing!

After all, this executive order in the best interest of our nation….unfortunately, it’s too late to seal our border to keep liberals out.

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