Trey Gowdy Ruins Liberal Who Tried To Humiliate Him In Public With Epic 1 Sentence Answer

Trey Gowdy Destroys Liberal

Don’t worry the Democrats don’t have anyone near as talented in their ranks and have only retreads and failures to offer to their dwindling supporters. Dooming them for the next 5 elections.

Trey Gowdy has become one of the top stars in Congress for many reasons but mainly for his ability to destroy liberals.

Case in point wheat just happened at the 2017 Winthrop Paul Rockefeller Distinguished Lecture Series in Fort Smith, Arkansas where Trey was making a speech.

A liberal brat high school student went after Trey and tried to trap him with a gotcha question.

Trey at first humored the kid, he will grow up to be a voter after all, but when the kid got snotty Trey lowered the boom and sent the kid running to his momma.

The kid asked him about national security issues and specifically asked Gowdy why he sponsored the USA Freedom Act.

This act extends most of the provisions in the PATRIOT Act. Some love this law, others hate it and say it goes too far.

It is still a debated topic in DC and in fact, the big testimony today by Roberts and Coats was never about Russia and Trump but was about reauthorizing some provisions of this law.

The liberal thought he had Gowdy trapped and was beaming with smugness as he waited for Trey to answer and then Trey showed him who’s boss and dropped a truth bomb that made the kid cry. Trey said,

“You do have the right to freedom of speech. You do have the right to have the government get a warrant in some instances, and a jury trial, and afforded council. And not a single one of those rights matter if you are dead.”

Not a single one of those rights matters if you are dead – boom, game, set, match. Watch it below:

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