Tucker Carlson Reveals Group Growing In America That’s A ‘Far Greater Threat to Your Life Than ISIS’

While America spends most of its time fighting ISIS, Tucker Carlson warns of a group that is an even greater threat growing here in America. MS-13 is an illegal immigrant street gang.

“It’s fair to say, ISIS is the new global gold standard for offal. Combined the Orlando, San Bernardino and Chattanooga terror attacks, and the groups is responsible for at least 68 deaths here in the U.S. over just the past three years and that is bad. On the other hand, it’s nothing compared to MS-13. That organization, a mostly immigrant street gang is a far greater threat to your life than ISIS is. It’s the numbers,” explained Carlson.

“But unlike ISIS, MS-13 makes it hard to live in certain neighborhoods here in this country. Also unlike ISIS, there are a lot of them. ISIS may have a significant pass of supporters in the U.S. and a lot of a suspected does but true active ISIS members — pretty small, maybe a few hundred and most,” said Carlson.

“MS-13, by contrast, has approximately 6,000 members according to the government in this country. And they’re supported by more than 30,000 abroad. Yes, abroad,” said Carlson.

“Because MS-13 is fundamentally a foreign threat. Now, the administration is using a lot of firepower to defeat insurgents in the Middle East right now and good for them. But what about the insurgency right down the road from you here in America? Because that’s exactly what it is,” said Carlson. What do you think of his comments? Do you agree that they are a greater threat than ISIS? Check out the video below.


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